1. Bluff

    Selling 160 item shop skinned comp account

    [PC/XBOX] 192 skins | Red Knight | Ravage | All Might | Son Goku | Peter Griffin | Omegarok | Wild Card | Spectra Knight | Backlash | Valeria | 0 VB Fa on gmail mail ch Safe for months Psn info The rest linkable Comp asf mostly item shop C/o: 60 Bin: HIGHE$T OFFER Best Account you will...
  2. 999

    Sell your items back

    Let's say you bought an item from the bits store a long time ago (when kingz was still a new thing) and you haven't had luck selling it. I think you should be allowed to sell items back to the store for 75% of its value within a certain amount of time, maybe 2 weeks or something. idk was just...