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Here's a collection of various types of free SEO tools which will help you out with all aspects of optimizing your search rankings!

Google Search Console - Do I need to explain this?
SEO Analyzer - An SEO audit tool offered by Neil Patel
ScreamingFrog - This is the industry standard when it comes to website crawlers.
BeamUsUp - A full no URL limitation ScreamingFrog alternative. Even though it has been discontinued by the developer this is perhaps the best FREE alternative to ScreamingFrog.
Structured Data Testing Tool - Google schema markup test
Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator - creates structured data markup in the JSON-LD format.
Tag Manager - Manage any and all tags
Rich Result Test - Test your publicly accessible page to see which rich results can be generated by the structured data it contains.
seolyzer - Another website crawler (Free up to 10,000 URLs but just 1 site)
GTMetrix - One of the most popular page loading speed tools on the market.
Google PageSpeed Insights - Google page speed tool
WebPageTest - One of the most complete and in-depth page loading speed tools.
Mobile-Friendly Test - Google official mobile-friendly test
robot.txt generator - Generator creates a properly-formatted robots.txt file in seconds.
Sitemap Generator - Offers a sitemap generator that creates XML and HTML variants.
xenu - Broken links finder
Wheregoes - Free and a simple tool for checking redirect paths for any URL.
Link Redirect Trace - Perform analysis of links, redirects, and REL-canonicals.
HTML Validator - Checks websites for potential HTML errors
CSS Validator - Same as above but for CSS
301 Redirect Code Generator - creates the code you’ll need to tell search engines your URLs have changed.
Website Penalty Indicator - Check if your site has been hit with a Google Penalty.
Panguin Tool - Same as the one above but a bit more accurate.
Varvy SEO tool - See how well a page follows the Google guidelines.
hreflang Tags Generator - Generate the hreflang tags for your multi-language or multi-country site easily and fast!
Prefetch! - It tells you all the resources you need to prefetch in order to improve your site´s page loading speed.

RankMarth - Best FREE SEO WordPress plugin on the market
SERPSim - shows what your web page will look like in Google’s search results. All you have to do is enter your proposed title, meta description, and URL.
woorank - on-page SEO audit
SEOptimizer - Free online website analysis tool
Metaforensic - Online SEO audit tool
SEOBility - FREE SEO Checker
HubSpot Website Grader - Grade Your Website in Seconds. Then Learn How to Improve it For Free.

Moz Keyword Explorer - Moz´s keyword tool.
Google Keyword Planner - Google´s own keyword tool. Great for beginners.
Answer The Public - Allows you to see visualizations of questions and phrases asked around a particular root keyword. It offers 3 free searches per day but, if you install any free VPN extension on your browser you can et a hell lot more searcher per day..
Ubersuggest - Neil Patel keyword tool
Also Asked - was created to help marketers understand how questions are topically grouped. These questions can help with keywords and related keywords, and also give you a direction on what questions to answer in content.
Ahrefs Keyword Generator - Yeap, that´s right! Ahrefs own keyword tool!
Keys4Up - Generate a list of untapped keyword ideas.
keyword Sheeter - Keyword Sheeter pulls thousands of autocomplete suggestions from Google.
QuestionDB - massive database based on questions asked on Reddit that assesses relevance by a keyword also by the category.
Google Trends - will help you see the relative popularity of keywords, provide valuable data on regional variations, and is a great source for evaluating seasonality and trends in changes with search engine volume for specific keywords over time.
Exploding Content - Exploding Topics scours the internet to find emerging trends before they take off.
Soovle - generate a quick list of top terms for Wikipedia, Google, Amazon,, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.
Keyword Permutation Generator - It permutates hundreds of different combinations of the same keyword.
Keyword Rank Checker - check the keyword rank in Google ranking
LSI Graph - Keyword generator tool for LSI keywords.
Bulk Keyword Generator - is a keyword research tool for local SEO. It generates keywords based on industry type.
Related Words - This tool helps you find words that are related to a specific word or phrase.
Free Keyword Search Volume Tool - Yeap, you guessed it,it gives you monthly search volumes.
KeywordTool - A great alternative to Google Planner
FAQFox - Find questions your viewers are asking online, free.
Keyworddit - Pulls keyword ideas from Reddit.
who tweeted it first - Find the first tweet that contains a particular keyword.
TwinWord - This is a keyword research tool that groups keywords by user intent, popular topics and patterns.

Google Docs - Do I need to say more?
Grammarly - Grammar, punctuation and spelling checker
Hemingway Editor - Hemingway Editor aims at making your content clearer and more readable for your audience.
Headline Analyzer - examines the structure, grammar, and readability of your headlines.
Revive - helps you find older content on your site that needs an update, an upgrade… or both.
Curator - The No.1 tool for the creative process. From the first fragment of an idea to presentation. Simple, fast, powerful.
Readability Test - Quick and easy way to test the readability of your work.

Google Disavow Tool - Exactly what you think it is!
Moz Link Explorer - Check backlink profiles and DA from any site.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker - It generates a report for 100 links
Neil Paten Backlink Checker - Yeah, it´s our buddy Neil once again
DA Checker - This is a ClickMinded DA checker tool
Whilinks2me - an online service that allows you to find inbound links and keywords information about a website.

Google Analytics - Even my grandma knows what this is
Bing Webmaster Tool - Same as GSC but for Bing search engine
Data Studio - Merge data from different sources (say Search Console and Google Analytics)
Clicky - Google Analytics alternative

Moz Toolbar (Chrome Extension) - Free chrome extension that gives you Da, PA and links metrics right on the SERP.
Grammarly for Chrome - Same as Grammarly but as a Chrome Extension (Even cooler )
Ubersuggest - It was about time old buddy Neil launched his tool as a chrome extension. Now, it´s finally here! (Chrome Extension)- Finds email addresses associated with a website. It’s free up to 50 requests per month.
SimilarWeb - See website traffic and key metrics for any website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source.
SEO META in 1 CLICK - tool that displays all meta tags/data and main seo information clearly.
Link Miner (Chrome Extension) - Get link & social data on any link on a page, be able to export all links from a page, and even display link data next to each link on the page.
Check My Links (Chrome Extension) - Same as above
SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis - Quick access to SEO analysis. Features: website indexed pages, backlinks, Alexa, IP, SEO stats and tools.
WordTracker (Chrome Extension) - discover the high-performing keywords in your market, in seconds.
SEOMinion (Chrome Extension) - Seo checker
View Rendered Source (Chrome Extension) - A lightweight Chrome Extension that shows you how the browser has constructed (rendered) a page's original HTML into a functioning DOM, including modifications made by JavaScript.
Redirect Path (Chrome Extension) - It flags up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes as well as client-side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects.
HEADMasterSEO (Chrome Extension) - Bulk URL Status Code & Redirect Checker (free to check up to 500 URLs)
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